“Gran Espectáculo de Música, Cante y Baile”

CalleJondo is the exciting new flamenco show which takes you on a journey from the purest flamenco traditions to contemporary fusion to the wacky and unorthodox. The name CalleJondo comes from the Spanish words “calle” (meaning street), “callejón” (meaning alleyway) and “jondo” (meaning the purest and most serious styles of flamenco).

Artistic directors Rebeca, Martín and Josie met while performing in the streets of Seville. Drawn together by a mutual interest in learning from the others’ varied and unusual artistic backgrounds – Rebeca from a flamenco and international family, coming from a background of circus, music and sports, Martín from a gypsy flamenco family steeped in tradition as well as eletronic music production, and Josie who's parents were ballet dancers and who herself trained and worked extensively as a contemporary dancer – soon united and began performing together.

They have already performed at several venues in Seville and Malaga while continuing to experiment with new ideas and try them out on the unsuspecting spectators of their street performances. Tonight they present to you their latest work which draws on their shared knowledge of the deepest flamenco traditions and infuses it with contemporary influences and the power of street arts to make a truly unforgettable experience.


Rebeca Ortega Flamenco

Rebeca Ortega

Rebeca Ortega

Born into an international flamenco family. Her father, Paco Benamargo, guitarist and agent at "Flamenco de Hoy", and mother, north american ballet dancer Esmeralda Ortega, instilled in her a love of flamenco, music and dance. She studied traditional flamenco with teachers such as La Tati, Merche Esmeralda and El Güito, and more modern styles with Tamara and Úrsula López, Javier Latorre and Adela Campallo. She has danced with Teatro Flamenco La Tati in their piece "A mi manera" and in Ricardo García's company as a soloist at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival’s C-venue Theatres. At the age of 19 years old, she founded and choreographed for "Nottingham Flamenquitas". She made a big impact in Denmark performing alongside the Yolanda Almodovar Quintet and circus artist Villads Bugge Bang in the Himmelstorm Festival, Copenhagen World Music Festival. Rebeca currently lives in Sevilla, performs in the tablaos of the city and is a member of the emerging group Fuera de Serie, who performed at "Tacón de Utrera" Festival, lead by El Torombo.

Josie Sinnadurai

Josie Sinnadurai “La Galesa” began studying flamenco at just 3 years old. She trained in contemporary dance at London Contemporary Dance School, graduating with a 1st class degree and has since also completed her Masters. In 2015/16, Josie toured with National Dance Company Wales, but her zeal for flamenco still burned strongly, so after her contract ended she returned to flamenco. Josie’s flamenco work has included performing in Spain, Germany, Canada, Israel and Britain. Highlights include directing and starring in her full-length show Estudios commissioned by the Festival Flamenco de Montreal and touring Canada with her new group Flamenquines. She has also performed in renowned gypsy flamenco musician Agujetas Chico’s The Aguja Project, Woody Harrelson’s Hollywood film “Lost in London”, in various international festivals – Flamenco Festival du Capitale (Ottawa), Little Kitchener-Waterloo Flamenco Fest, Festival de Jazz de Montreal, the 15th Annual Blackout Festival (Toronto) and performing several times for the Cabaret Flamenco de Montreal, Pedestrian Sundays at Kensington Market (Toronto), the Féria de Abril Cardiff and at tablaos and peñas worldwide.

Martin Revuelo

Martin Revuelo

Martín Jiménez Cortés, known in the flamenco world as “Martín Revuelo Jr”, is the son of Seville-born Martín Chico and the grandson of the famous Seville-born cantaora (flamenco singer) Juana la del Revuelo and Martín Revuelo. Growing up in the suburb of Las 3000 Viviendas in Seville, Martín has been exposed to flamenco since birth. While surrounded by palmas (specialised, percussive flamenco claps) and compás (flamenco rhythm) he learned to walk. His main teacher was naturally his father and he also studied with Melchor Borja; the guitarist for the famous cantaora Rocío Jurado and various other artists. Martín is currently a founding member of the flamenco group “CalleJondo” as well as being a member of the emerging group “Fuera de Serie” directed by the bailaor (flamenco dancer) José Suarez “El Torombo”. He has performed in world-renowned venues such as the “Vender Kultur Centret” (Copenhagen), the Edinburgh Fringe Festival alongside guitarist Ricardo García, the “Occitano-Tzigano Festival” in Toulouse (in a show co-created with bailaora Rebeca Ortega) and the “Festival Tacón Flamenco de Utrera” in Seville.

  • Norden Farm Arts Centre, London: 21st of June.

  • Salvador y Amanda, London: 22nd of June.

  • Jamboree, London: 23rd of June.

  • Salvador y Amanda, London: 25nd of June.

  • Salvador y Amanda, London: 26th of June.

  • Pasha Restaurant, London: 28th of June.

  • Flat Iron Square, London: 29th of June.

  • Selig Court, London: 30th of June.

  • Salvador y Amanda, London: 2nd of July.

  • Salvador y Amanda, London: 3rd of July.

  • Latin House, London: 4th of July.

  • The Assembly Rooms, Glastonbury: 5th of July.

  • The Flavel Arts Centre, Dartmouth: 10th of July.

  • The B Bar, Plymouth: 13th of July.

  • Redwing Art Gallery, Penzance: 17th of July.

  • The Acorn, Penzance: 18th of July.

  • The New Arts Exchange, Nottingham: 20th of July.