An Evening of Flamenco Dance and Guitar with Rebeca Ortega & Martín Revuelo Jr.

Contemporary flamenco performance at Magpie International Gallery: bailaora, Rebeca Ortega and guitarist, Martín Revuelo.

Charisma, sensuality, passion, rhythm and elegance are some of their major qualities; of mixed origine: Madrid-M«”laga-US Jewish, dancer, Rebeca Ortega together with the sevillian guitarist of renown flamenco family, Martín Revuelo Jr. bring us their fresh flamenco; simple, old, innovative, performative and comical.

The show makes you dream and feel involved, Rebeca and Martín take you on a train journey through the palos of flamenco interpreting the colours, airs, grace and rhythm of alegrías, tangos and bulerías, with giving no little significance to the seriousness of the rooted, painful, venenous hondo flamenco.

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The tickets on the door are 15€.

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Rebeca Ortega Flamenco