• La Casa del Pumarejo, Seville: 31st of May.

  • La Pizzeria La Madonna, Seville: 6th of June.

  • La Corrala, Seville: 8th of June.

  • La Pizzeria La Madonna, Seville: 13th of June.

  • Norden Farm Arts Centre, London: 21st of June.

  • Latin House, London: 22nd of June.

  • Jamboree, London: 23rd of June.

  • Flat Iron Square, Nowhere Nights, London: 29th of June.

  • Selig Court, London: 30th of June.

  • Latin House, London: 4th of July.

  • The Assembly Rooms, Glastonbury: 5th of July.

  • The Flavel Arts Centre, Dartmouth: 10th of July.

  • The B Bar, Plymouth: 13th of July.

  • The Redwing Art Gallery, Penzance: 17th of July.

  • The Acorn, Penzance: 18th of July.

  • The New Arts Exchange, Nottingham: 20th of July.


  • La Corrala, Seville: 4th of May.

  • Homenaje a Diego de Mor«Ńn, Theatre Guti«±rrez de Alba, Seville: 5th of April.

  • La Corrala, Seville: 16th of March.

  • Festival of Utrera, "Tacón Flamenco", Seville: 1st of March.

  • Tablao La Fábrica, Seville: 20th of February.

  • Tablao Flamenquería, Seville: 7th of February.

  • Estudio Creativo Zenith, Sevilla: 3rd of February.

  • La Corrala, Seville: 19th of January.


  • Tablao Laberinto Art Lab, Seville: October.

  • Copenhagen World Music Festival: September.

  • Himmelstorm Festival, Copenhagen: July.

  • Levante Beach Club, Puerto Banus, Malaga: July - September.

  • Magpie International Art Gallery, Marbella, Malaga:  April - June.


  • Magpie International Art Gallery, Marbella, Malaga:  November.

  • Ricardo Garcia's Company, Fringe Festival, C-Venues Theatres, Edinburgh: August.

  • Verdenskulturcentret, Himmelstorm Festival, Thy Lejren Festival, Copenhagen: January, March, July, August.

  • Duo flamenco with the guitarist and singer, Martín Revuelo Jr., "Pa Los Flamencos", Najac Festival  of Music, Reencounters Occitano-Tziganes, Beauregard Festival, Decazeville Festival, France: June.

  • Tablao Los Gallos, Seville: May.

  • Tablao La Excéntrica, Madrid: April.

  • Flamenco conference/performance, Paimpont, France: February.


  • Ricardo Garcia's Company, Fringe Festival, C-Venues Theatres, Edinburgh: August.

  • Tablao Café Ziryab, Madrid: April and September.

  • Libertad 8, ae-acción escena school of actors: January -  February.


  • Company Flamenco Theatre La Tati, Conde Duque Theatre, Madrid, "In my way", Madrid: September.


  • Dancer accompanying the guitar classes of the master, El Entri: September - December.


Dancer, Choreographer, Creator, Director of: Nottingham Flamenquitas, UK.

  • Cultural Hyson Green Festival, Nottingham, England: 2014.

  • NottinghamPlayHouse Theatre, Nottingham: 2013.

  • Futuriste Performance at The University of Nottingham: 2013.

  • Trafford Welcomes The World, Manchester, England: 2012.

  • International Women´s Festival  Swansea, Wales: 2011.