Rebeca Ortega Title

"...she is the imperious, dancing focal point, her steps beating furious, intricate tattoos under a long train that she swishes, lifts and manoeuvres with marvellous dexterity and no little significance..."
- The Herald newspaper. 11th August 2016.

Flamenco dancer notable for her knowledge of flamenco music and cante, strong sense of rhythm, expression, elegance and high level of physical and multidisciplinary abilities.

Rebeca starts her formation at the "Carmen Amaya Flamenco cultural academy" in Madrid, with her first maestra, Dolores Jiménez, with whom she acquired her first notions of Flamenco, Classical Spanish Dance and Ballet.

Her training continues at the world renowned "Centro de Arte Flamenco y Danza Española Amor de Dios" in Madrid, and later at "Escuela Mayor de Danza" in Madrid, CAD and at Úrsula and Tamara López "Flamenco Danza" school in Seville. Recently, she also studies contemporary dancer with master Manuela Nogales. Her most influential masters are La Tati, Merche Esmeralda, El Güito, Javier Latorre, Carmela Greco, Belén Fernández, La Truco, Alejandro Granados, Miguel Cañas, Adela Campallo among others.

At the age of 19 years old, she starts her professional career. For 4 years she lives, performs and teaches the art of flamenco in the UK while completing her university studies, which leads her to create, direct and choreograph the “Nottingham Flamenquitas” group, as well as collaborate in different dance styles such as tap, contemporary and bollywood dance.

Her dance comprises a vast repertoire including dance istruments: bata de cola, mantón, bastón, fan and castagnets, and personal fusion skills with circus and theatre.

As part of the flamenco company “Teatro Flamenco La Tati”, Rebeca performes in the production "A mi manera" under the direction of the internationally celebrated flamenco dancer and choreographer, La Tati, at Madrid's Conde Duque Theatre.

Also highlites her role as the soloist flamenco dancer in the company of the embassador international travelling flamenco guitarist, Ricardo García at the C-venue Theatres as part of the 2016 and 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She was part of four productions: "Flamenco Flamenco", "Flamenco Global Connect", which received prestigious reviews; "Flamenco Escocia", and "Flamenco for Kids" which was announced and televised as one of the three best kids shows of this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

She stands out in Copenhaguen, Denmark, at Himmelstorm Festival and VendersKulturCentret, together with Yolanda Almodóvar Quartet and in a duo with the circus artist Villads Bugge Bang, performing an original piece that plays with flamenco dance, body percussion, circus and physical theatre.

Recently, she tours with her new production: "CalleJondo", coproduced with guitqrist, Martín Revuelo Jr. and dancer, Josie La Galesa. She has performed at the renoknw sevillian tablao Los Gallos and Sevillian peñas flamencas: Torres Macarena, Curro de Utrera y El Laurel.

Currently, she lives in Seville where she teaches face-to-face and online flamenco dance and rhythm / clapping classes, while combining her studies of Ballet, Spanish Dance, Flamenco and Contemporary Dance, and often travels to England, Scotland, Wales, France, Belgium, Germany, Norway and Denmark for giving performances, conferences and delivering intesive workshops.

Rebeca Ortega Flamenco